Monday, April 11, 2005


Recently I have been thinking a great deal about my time studying and travelling in the States 2 years ago (can it really be that long ago?). My fellow traveller, Beck returned to America last month to go on another cross country mission with her cousin, and as I got numerous wonderful e mails recounting their adventures stateside, I was both happy for her that things were going well, but also so very very greeeeeeeen with envy! I miss all my friends from Keene State College, and the time spent there.

Being from the UK, we don't get a lot of snow over here, so to turn up at the start of January, to about 3/4 feet of snow was like entering a strange and wonderful world like Narnia. I remember stepping out of Boston airport at about 9pm into the coldest temperatures I think I've ever been in! We struggled down the road to find the minibus that would take us to Keene, marvelling at the amount of snow, while trying hard not to fall over on the ice! We had to stop on the way to find a pay phone, because our flight had been delayed by about 3 hours, and we needed to warn the lady who was meeting us at KSC. When my friend and I got out of the nice, warm minibus into the seering cold, our breath caught in the back of our throats! We must have been outside for all of about 2/3minutes, but already by then our hands had gone numb and we could no longer feel our toes! Little did we realise that we would have another 2/3 months of this blinding cold!

When we finally arrived at KSC a long and very sleepy 3 hours or so later, we were met and taken to our dorms, that would be our homes for the next 5 months. There were about 4 of us, and all in separate dorms, so while they took one person, the rest of us had to brave it out in the -whatever it was degrees! It was only the next day when we could fully take advantage of the New Hampshire snow! And oh! how we played! Snowballs, snowmen (which I was very disappointed to learn that many KSC students don't actually make anymore!), we tried a few snow angels, but to no avail as when you got up the soft powdery snow just filled in the holes!!! It was wonderful!

Even though most of the New Englanders we had met were totally sick of the sight of snow by April, when it was STILL going, the English lot LOVED it! (well, I did anyway!!) However, when it came to about this time of the year, we were able to wear just the one t-shirt, instead of our usual 2, and we could finally don our flip flops or sandals without getting major frost bite on your toes! Lorianne has a fantastic post about it today, with some very cheery pictures of Keene in the spring time. It was her post that really got the memories flowing Keene, and how much I really do miss it. I would love to have those months back again, and do it all over again. I just enjoyed my self so much, and I met some amazing people, who I miss even more!

My withdrawal symptoms are getting stronger and stronger, and I'm going to need to top up my 'America Levels' soon! Plus the fact that I just need to get out of the UK for a little while, I do NEEEEEED to go back to the States. I'll be there soon, I promise.

Just as bit of a side note, Please can everyone send their best wishes and any good mojo they can spare to Shane Nickerson, who's going through a bit of a rough patch. Thanks guys.

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Lorianne said...

After yesterday's warm & beautiful weather, today it's brilliantly sunny and CHILLY: the temperature dropped about 20 degrees overnight! So yesterday I wore sandals, and today I wore *gloves*. It's crazy! :-)