Thursday, April 21, 2005

Poker Faces Everyone

Last weekend, my friends and I had our first Poker Night! It was so much fun. We were only using our coppers to bet with, because it was more of a teaching session than an actual game. I knew the basics, from watching it on TV, and reading bits and pieces, but wasn't too sure how the betting part of it went. My housemate just didn't have a clue, and our other friend didn't really like any form of card games! So we had Ian, who is a MASTER at all things card like; Sally, who's almost as good as Ian; my housemate Daisy, who as I've already mentioned, didn't know a thing about Poker; Kim, who was quite happy to sit and watch the proceedings; and me. We all sat around my our tiny dining room table, while Ian went over the basic rules. We all decided that it would be easier if we learnt as we played, so Ian dealt us all our hands. We had shared out the contents of our piggybank, and we had 29p each to play with! The bets started at 1p.

Tensions were high, because most of us didn't know what was going on! But we all had our first hands, and Daisy just decided that she would bet until the cards were shown, on EVERY hand. Guess what? She won the LOT!!!! She would show her cards and say, "So, what do I have here?" We couldn't believe it! The one person at the table who really had no clue whatsoever, ended up winning everything! However, we played another game, and Daisy's losing streak ended! I won that one...wahoooo!!! As we all learned what we were doing, it became more about strategy, and less about luck, which was even more fun!

Anyway, I've been bitten by the Poker bug, and I want to play more often! We are going to have a Poker night soon, with loads of people, and I can't wait.

If anyone knows of any good Poker books/websites to give me any more beginners hints and tips, it would be muchly appreciated!

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