Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

I was watching Gladiator last night, and I was inspired by the section in which they put maggots into Maximus' wound to clean it. It struck me how wonderful Nature is, and how much more we could rely on her. Nowadays there are so many manufactured drugs and technologies that we've almost stopped looking to Nature. In so many cases (I understand that there are exceptions) the cure could be right there in our 'back garden'.

I know that some hospitals do use maggots to clean wounds, for example, and many of the drugs that are used come from natural products. But there are many remedies out there which have not been modified that could work just as well.

Now, don't me wrong, if I feel a headache coming on, I'm the first one to say, take some Paracetamol. But first I like to try my Tiger-balm, which more times than not works just as fast, with the added feeling that I haven't just pumped my system full of chemicals.

Bill Hicks has a sketch about Marijuana, and how it shouldn't be illegal, because that would be like admitting that God had made a mistake. Personally, I'm not a great believe in God etc, but it would be admitting that Nature had made a mistake. If Nature hadn't intended for certain things to grow and be used, they wouldn't have been created in the first place. I people could say that such plants and flowers could have been created by mistake, the odd cross contamination here and there, but then that leads us the question...Can Nature make a mistake? I believe in fate, and all things happening for a reason, so my answer to that question would be no, she doesn't make mistakes. So why should we be banning substances that grow naturally upon the Earth, yet condone products that have been manufactured, modified and pumped full of who-knows-what to make us feel better?

Nature is a wonderful thing, and I think we should all take note of John Muir (again!!!) and be at peace with the world and nature.

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Ania said...

You know what-"god" made dogs (and named them in his own vision but the other way around) and they do poos. Poo is also natural-you gonna roll that and smoke it?! Hu monkey?!

Word homie, keep eating that post lenten chocolate.