Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bring back the flow

I recently read back over my old posts from last year and when I first started, and it struck me that I write in a totally different way now. For starters the posts have become very thin on the ground in recent months, as supposed to at least one or two every week back in 'the old days'! I also came across a story I wrote, A Love Never Spoken Of, which was loosley based on a true life experience. Becuase I knew what it was based on, i was actually surprised at how honest I had been in the story. I really feel like for the past months, I have lost my creativity and passion for blogging, which upsets me. I love it, and deep down I know I can find that inspiration from somewhere. I was at work yesterday, and i wanted to just check my site, so instead of typing the address in the top, (where it can be tracked) i did a google search on it. The first result it found was one of Lorianne's student's blogs. As part of their ongoing coursework, Lorianne had her students start and keep a blog. This one guy had found mine, and written about it! i was truly touched by this, and even those his post dated back to 2005, it made me want to start posting again! So here I am!
I WILL WILL WILL be getting some photos on here soon, and i will be finding that inspiration that I've lost!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Twenty5stories + Rich

I went out last night to watch my friends play in their bands...And it was amazing. When I listen to the music charts in this country it really bothers me that there is so much RUBBISH (Trash to you Americans!!! Tee hee) around. The amount of really pointless music is incredible. That's one of the reasons I love going to watch the various local bands around Derby...There is some really awesome talent about the place. Now, I've already told you about my friend and housemate daisyb, who if you haven't checked out YOU REALLY SHOULD. So now I'm going to hound with a couple more acts to listen to!

Twenty5stories are the other band I went to see last night, and also good friends of mine! I love their stuff so much..It so totally the kind of music that I would buy! I can't wait for them to get a CD together! They're kind of indie/alternative/rock, and at gigs they do a mixture of their own songs, which you can find on their websites, and amazing covers of things like Seal - Kiss from a Rose, Tracy Chapman - Fast Car, Alanis Morisette - Right Through You. Seriously......major plugging going on here....CHECK THEM OUT!

Then the last act for you is my other housemate Rich. He has a very unique style and voice which I love, because there's no one else who sounds like that really. His songs are very haunting, and beautiful and his deep voice carries the music through you. Not being biased in anyway (I mean it's not like I live with him or anything!!!) he is really good! So, now that I've given you all a little musical education...Please go and show your support for DECENT music and lets get rid of the rubbish in the charts!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A little bit green

Everything about him you hate so much
Is exactly what I love
He's always there to make me smile
But to you he's talking double-dutch

You say he's childish, it gets on your nerves
Well that's perfect for me
Coz like him I don't want to grow up
But like always it's not me he loves

Maybe if I looked a little different
He'd see into the real me
And see together we're a perfect match
But it's to get to you that he's hell bent

I wonder if he'll ever be interested
To get to know me
We can always talk so easily
But it's you that's running through his head

Everything about him I like so much
Is exactly what you hate
So why do you go for him
When you're drunk and want his touch?

You asked me once if it's him I like
I told you the truth
But there's no point in hoping
As I know it's always you they like