Monday, June 25, 2007

MUSE at Wembley!!!!

Finally, I've got around to blogging about watching MUSE and other guests at Wembley last week! It was incredible. I just couldn't believe the whole size of the stadium. With a 90,000 capacity, it is really quite overwhelming when you walk through the doors to try and find your seats! Even from the walk there, watching this incredible structure loom closer and closer, I couldn't quite comprehend the sheer size.

This is how far away from the stage we were! But unlike most other gigs I've been to with seated tickets, the atmosphere was still electric, and full of suspense for both MUSE and My Chemical Romance. there were so many little Emo Kids about, it was funny! But i have to say i was just as excited about seeing My Chemical Romance as they were!
Because it was an early gig, the doors opened at about 2.45, but Beck and I went to Wembley via Camden, so we missed the very first act, she was a solo artist. But we did get there in time to watch Biffy Clyro. I don't really know a great deal of their music, but i was looking forward to seeing them all the same. They totally rocked out, busting out some epic sounds. We were that far away from the stage that when the drummer hit the drums, it took about half a beat for the sound to reach was very strange watching it all happening on the big screens then hearing it a bit later! After Biffy had finished, we just sat a waited for MCR. By this point i was getting really quite excited! As much as i hate to admit it, I think there's a mini Emo in me trying to get out, and I went from absolutely hating the Romance, and dismissing their music, to actually really really liking it!

When they came out on stage, the crowd went wild (apart from the couple next to me, who turned to me and told me that they had never heard of this band before! ha ha), and they just went for it! My highlights have to be, Black Parade - which is a great song anyway, but hearing it live was awesome, and I Don't Love You - one of the ballads they do so well. Because Beck and I were so far away from the stage, we were quite thankful for the big screens on either side, it meant that we could watch the action up close, as supposed to watching little tiny ants, crawling about! I managed to take some pretty decent photos on my Phone, which i was quite pleased about! Becky...these are for you!!! Gerard Way was looking so hot! he started out looking just OK, then as the the show went on, he got hotter and hotter, literally, which meant that he kept sweeping his hair back....mmm!! I know we're meant to listen to music for the music, but a hot front man doesn't hurt at all does it???

So after singing my little heart out to MCR, there was about a 20 minute break, in which time Beck and I had to try and control ourselves! It was difficult I tell you! We went and had some food, came back to our seats just in time to hear the 5 minute announcement! That's when the cheering started...and didn't stop for about 2 hours!

As Wembley is a stadium, obviously it was still light when they came out at about 8.00pm, which was very bizarre. I had never been to a light MUSE show. I wasn't quite sure how it would work because the band always such amazing lighting and set designs. But as it got darker, the set became even more impressive. Those big red balls in the background, changed from red to blue and green, and there were flames and firework things too. They just played classic song after classic song. I know I may be a little biased, but there were no bad choices of songs...they were all incredible. this was the 5th time I'd seen muse live, and they just keep getting better and better. Every time Beck and I leave the gig, I'm sure we always say, "Wow, that was sooo much better than last time! Not that last was bad, it's just that this time it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!" We were absolutely going for it in the stands too. They opened with Knights of Cydonia, which is one of my favourites, and the best song to start off with, because it really gets the crowd going. Even though there were only 1 or 2 other people standing up at the start, we didn't care...we got up, and danced and sang as if there was no one else around! eventually other people started to join us until there were only 1 or other people still seated!

Considering there are only 3 of them in the band, they sound they make is just awesome. It's so epic, and enveloping. You just can't help but lose yourself totally in the music. So when it came to the end of the set we were a bit gutted, because it had just been an awesome show. But it was OK, we knew they'd come back and do and encore. Just as we were discussing which amazing show stopping tunes they would rock out to end the gig, out came Matt Bellamy with an acoustic guitar. they didn't belt out the real rocky stuff they usually do for the encore, but they did a totally acoustic set! Blackout from the album Absolution is so beautiful. It's really light and floaty, but still with a very big sound. So just as we were getting ourselves together after the excitement of some new variations on our favourite songs, the two larger spheres on either side of the stage floated upwards, to reveal acrobats suspended beneath them. The massive blue globes travelled down to touch the crowds beneath them, to get rise again, as if to touch the sky. It was so graceful, and magical as the music totally wrapped itself around every person there. Just as the balloons were descending back to the sides of the stage again, Matt Bellamy was just fiddling around on his guitar as he usually does, when all of a sudden it turned into the start of Unintended, my all time favourite Muse song. But because it is quite a slow ballad-y type, they never play it live. I actually gave out a little squeal of excitement before fighting back the tears. It was incredible, and so beautiful. Then as they finished the encore, there was really mixed emotions going on. We were kinda chilled out, but full of adrenaline from watching one of the best live bands EVER, but then also a little sad because it was over. However, there was still more to come. The guys came back out again, to finish the show in true MUSE style! The totally rocked out, and so did we! With the sun setting outside the stadium, the now iconic white semi-circle over the roof was glowing bright white, matching the stage. It was a perfect end to an incredible night. I can't wait until I can watch them again! Both MUSE and MCR!

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