Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bring back the flow

I recently read back over my old posts from last year and when I first started, and it struck me that I write in a totally different way now. For starters the posts have become very thin on the ground in recent months, as supposed to at least one or two every week back in 'the old days'! I also came across a story I wrote, A Love Never Spoken Of, which was loosley based on a true life experience. Becuase I knew what it was based on, i was actually surprised at how honest I had been in the story. I really feel like for the past months, I have lost my creativity and passion for blogging, which upsets me. I love it, and deep down I know I can find that inspiration from somewhere. I was at work yesterday, and i wanted to just check my site, so instead of typing the address in the top, (where it can be tracked) i did a google search on it. The first result it found was one of Lorianne's student's blogs. As part of their ongoing coursework, Lorianne had her students start and keep a blog. This one guy had found mine, and written about it! i was truly touched by this, and even those his post dated back to 2005, it made me want to start posting again! So here I am!
I WILL WILL WILL be getting some photos on here soon, and i will be finding that inspiration that I've lost!

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