Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A little bit green

Everything about him you hate so much
Is exactly what I love
He's always there to make me smile
But to you he's talking double-dutch

You say he's childish, it gets on your nerves
Well that's perfect for me
Coz like him I don't want to grow up
But like always it's not me he loves

Maybe if I looked a little different
He'd see into the real me
And see together we're a perfect match
But it's to get to you that he's hell bent

I wonder if he'll ever be interested
To get to know me
We can always talk so easily
But it's you that's running through his head

Everything about him I like so much
Is exactly what you hate
So why do you go for him
When you're drunk and want his touch?

You asked me once if it's him I like
I told you the truth
But there's no point in hoping
As I know it's always you they like

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