Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Rest of my Weekend

Sorry this is a bit late...It's only been 2 weeks! haha. So the rest of my amazing weekend was spent with my sister, relaxing and doing not very much! She had subscribed to Sky Movies, so that we could stay up and watch the Oscars live! It's the first time in years that we've been able to watch them together. When we were younger we would camp out in the living room, or curl up in Liz's big double bed and try to stay awake all night. But then we both went to uni/school and they changed the channel showing it to one you had to pay for...But this year we got to do it all again! It was so much fun, we had a bowl of Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons, quilts to wrap up in, and numerous cups of coffee! The show started at 11.00pm our time and finished just before 5.00am! We made it though, we stayed awake all the way through. This year was pretty good, because I had a keen interest in the winners, for the first time in a while. I'd seen most of the Best Movie Nominee's, and was supporting Brokeback Mountain in all it's nominations! Needless to say we spent most of Monday morning sleeping! The rest of that day was spent watching TV and various movies, and again, just general chilling out. That night i was introduced to House, which is much better than i expected...And we also watched a few episodes of CSI, which is excellent! Then it was time for bed, as we all had early mornings! So it was back to work on Tuesday, and back to reality too I guess! It was a wicked weekend which I enjoyed thoroughly!

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