Friday, March 31, 2006

Bye Bye

Well, today is my last day in my current job. Last Friday I was made redundant, and today I leave. As I walked into work this morning for the last time, I took more notice of the nameless faces that I pass at the same time in the same places everyday. It struck me that I'll more than likely never see them again, and although I never actually met them, I would make up stories about them and their lives. Some were on their way to work, some to college. One or two were heading home after a night shift. Of course it's all fictional, but it was the little stories like those that made the 40 minute walk into work bearable in the rain and snow! Those stories will now be forgotten, but new ones will be made as I trek to a different job somewhere else.

Another thing about being made redundant that sucks is I'm going to miss all my friends from work so much. I've been here for over a year now, and I've made some incredible friends. The work itself is pretty soul-destroying, so having people around you that you can get on with and have a laugh with is really important. I keep having reality checks that it's not going to happen anymore...No more throwing stuff around the office, no more making stupid comments and jokes with my section head, no more making countless cups of tea with Laura because we're bored. I'm not even sure when or even if I'm going see most of these people again. I'm sure I will if I (and they) make the effort to meet up.

Looking on the plus side I'm sure I'll have as much fun in whatever it is that I do next, and therefore have more friends than I do now! But either way, I'm just gonna see where life takes me, and what I end up doing now...

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Batonga said...

Sorry to hear about the change.. and at the same time, excited for you that you get to change... this is one of the first posts I ha ve read in a while that is distinctly English, and I say that because of your use of the word redundant, the usage is so foreign to me when discussing work... pretty neat, I thought.