Monday, October 31, 2005


I apologise for the lack of posting here recently, but my lack of computer at home is really starting to get to me! The only chance I have to do this is at work, and we have recently been warned about the use of the Internet and especially the updating of blogs at work. So I guess I have to be quite careful when doing this!

Anyway, I have a few bits of news to report. This weekend I went to Somerset to visit my friend and go to the most amazing Halloween party ever! Over here in the UK, Halloween isn’t as big as over in the States, although I’m sure every year the shops are becoming more and more ‘Americanised’, and are stocking the shelves with pumpkins, and outfits, ghosts and ghoulies to fill the need of any imaginative person! But anyway, I digress. This party was incredible. The guy who owns the house takes the week before the party off work to decorate and get things ready. He didn’t have the biggest house, but absolutely everywhere that could be decorated was. There were skeletons that talked monsters that groaned, and Ghouls that squealed hanging on the walls. Spider webs adorned every surface and corner, complete with spiders (ick!). There was a buffet, and a BBQ, homemade cocktails consisting of Vampire Blood, Green Gloop and biohazard. My friends and I went dressed up as witches, with wigs, hats and cloaks, with my friend’s husband as a Ghostbuster. He’d spent about 6 hours making the proton pack and the box to contain the Ghosts in. He looked awesome! All in all it was just an amazing night, we spent the evening standing and chatting, having a good catch up, then mingling with some of the other guests, have those random conversations that only happen with strangers after a few drinks. I met this one guy and we had a very in depth talk about destiny and how to approach life! I love those types of chats! Then as we were leaving the party to walk home, the heavens opened, and it absolutely poured down with rain. But it didn’t matter to any of us; it was just a bit of fun! Splashing in puddles like we were six years old again! Soaking wet but full of giggles, we stepped into the house, and put on our pyjamas, then proceeded to dance around the kitchen like mad people! Listening to The Killers Hot Fuss album, and Tenacious D, we were head-banging around the kitchen floor! My neck is now very painful! :-)

My journey back from Taunton, however, put a bit of a downer onto the whole weekend of fun. It took me 5 ½ hours to get back to Derby, due to the train services being cancelled. I had to take a coach for most of the journey, which is just so slow. However, a plus to this is that I met the greatest guy. We were sat on a coach from Gloucester to Birmingham for about 2 hours, and we just started to chat. It was so easy to talk to him. He’s a French and German teacher in Birmingham, teaching 11-16 year olds. He’s been to South America, Canada and New Zealand, been sky diving, bungee jumping, skiing. He’s into similar kinds of books and films as me, and had the same kind of opinions on many things that we talked about. I think the longest we went without talking was about 5 minutes when we were just arriving into Birmingham Station. We parted ways at the train Station and I didn’t even find out his name. At the time I quite liked the anonymity of it all, to have such an in depth conversation with a total and utter stranger, but as soon as I got on my bus to get back to Derby I regretted not finding out his name. We got on so well and as far as I was concerned there was a little bit of chemistry going on there too. I was tempted to ask him if he wanted to go and get a coffee before setting off for home, but I chickened out! I guess it’ll just be one of those regrets we have that we can’t change. I am a believer in fate, and if I’m meant to meet my mystery man again, then I will, if not then the whole experience will just be a story to tell the new people I meet instead.

On the train on the way down to Taunton though, I finished another book, The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shrieve. It wasn’t the best book that I’ve ever read, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I got so sucked into the book again that when certain things happened (I won’t go into what in case people want to read it) I felt the same emotions as the characters. I always think it quite silly talking about that, because it is essentially just a book! It’s not real. But I still can’t help becoming part of it, and going though what the characters go through too. I do recommend other people to read this, it’s quite an easy going book, but has lots of intrigue that will keep you turning the pages, right up until the very last sentence.

My T’ai Chi is going well, I’ve had two lessons now, and I’m loving it. It’s much harder work than I thought it would be, but it makes you feel great after. You feel so chilled out, centred and relaxed, but totally energised at the same time. As if you could take on the world! I am looking forward to lesson number 3!

Well, as I’m at work, I should probably go. I hope every one is well, and that you all have a safe but wonderful Halloween!


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hi Rach,

I think that Halloween and England go well together somehow, even though we invented it in the US. I once went to a memorable Halloween party held by a British guy in Milwaukee -- but it wasn't nearly as elaborate as what you describe.

A famous short story set at a Halloween party is Lorrie Moore's "You're Ugly, Too," available in her book LIKE LIFE and in various anthologies. I think you'd like it.

And somehow I knew it was leading up to "I met the greatest guy" -- maybe you'll meet him again, but if not -- some other lucky young man.

Keep up the tai chi -- and do take those warnings seriously at work. Don't get sacked for blogging.

Liz said...

Actually the American's can't claim to have invented Halloween! It was an ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the end of the year on 31st October 2000 years ago in United Kingdom and Ireland. When the Romans conquered Britain they merged the festival with two of there own as a way to convert pagans to Roman religions. Even later the Pope declared it a Christian holiday.

Halloween (or All Hallow's Eve) reached America by the European immigrants, who introduce their many customs. Wearing costumes was one, to hide from the ghosts and spirits by dressing up as one if you had to leave your house at night. Trick or treating is believed to have evolved from the British All Soul's Day parades, where the poor were given food by the rich in return for a prayer

The Americans did turn the day into a commercial holiday though. If you want more information see the History Channel website.

Rach said...

Wow! That's so cool! Thanks guys!

Richard, I will be careful at work, i'll try and do most of it from home, but the occasional blog here and there won't hurt i'm sure. I have another Tai Chi class tomorrow, and i can't wait! it's amazing. i'll try and find the book too, it sounds interesting! I love book recommendations! thanks!

Liz, thanks for that, you know, i didn't most of that stuff. i probably should do really! well, i do now! YEY!