Monday, October 17, 2005

Just some random thoughts from the past couple of weeks…

I’ve finished Harry Potter. WOW! I need the next one now, but it’ll take forever to come out, like the last ones! I was reading it on a train, and at one point, I was sat at a train station platform trying very hard not to cry! I was getting some very strange looks from passers by. But the book was wonderful, one of those that you really can’t put down. I would start reading as I got into bed, thinking, "I’ll just read for 10 minutes or so." 2 hours later, I’d still be going, only just able to see the words, because my eyes want to sleep!

Derby is looking so pretty at this time of year. The leaves are all changing colours, and as I walk down the street towards my house, it’s like walking through confetti. The trees are shedding their leaves like rain. I love the variety of shapes and sizes, there are big star shaped ones, small heart shaped ones, middle-sized arrow shaped ones, in brown, yellow, red and orange. It’s beautiful. Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll have the software I need to be able put photos on here, so you’ll be able to see for yourself what I’m talking about.

I am starting a T’ai Chi class this week. I went to an introduction class last week and have decided to sign up. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for so long now, and what’s more, is it’s taking place just down my road. The introduction class was awesome. There was a fair amount of people there, and we all sat and listened as our teacher gave a quick talk about the WuTan School of Martial Arts, and how it was set up. Then he told us about the different forms of T’ai Chi, and which one we’ll be learning, (which I’ve forgotten already!). After that, we all got up and did the warm up, and then he taught us the first section of the form. It was amazing; my fingers were tingling with the energy. The whole room was filled with the energy being emitted from us all, and by the time we had finished I was so relaxed it felt amazing, but at the same time I was totally energised. I am really looking forward to this Thursday for the first proper class. It’s a 16-week course, by the end of which we will have learnt the complete form. After we had done our little bit, the instructor and his intermediate class performed the full form for us. It’s so graceful and peaceful; I can’t wait until I can do that too. I’ll keep you updated as to how it’s going.

There are so many movies out right now that I really want to see, but I have no one to go with, or even the money to buy the tickets with. I know, I know, get out those tiny violins for me! But I love going to the cinema, that suspended animation, and I haven’t been for so long. Unfortunately, here my nearest movie theatre isn’t close enough to walk to, and as I don’t have a car, I either have to rely on other people, or get a taxi. I don’t really like to do either, so I just have to wait until one of my friends with a car suggests that we go! I guess I’ll just have to wait until they come out of DVD. Anyway…rant over.

As I touched on earlier, I should hopefully have the means to download photos from my phone onto the computer sometime this week, which means I’ll be able to illustrate my little blog with a few photos from here and there. Everywhere I go, I see things that I want to take pictures of, and now that I have a camera phone, I’m able to do it. However, the quality of the pictures is not amazing, but it’s better than nothing. I have a theme that I’ve been working on for a little while, that I think will make a lovely blog entry, but you’ll just have to wait for that I’m afraid!

Well, I’m at work, so I should probably get back to it. I hope everyone is well, and looking forward to Halloween – I know I am!

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Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hi, Rach! I'm delighted that you've enrolled in a tai chi class. Tai chi's effects on wellbeing are mysterious and remarkable.

I recently read a terrific fantasy novel, Susanna Clarke's JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORELL. 800 pages and not a dull page among them.

I envy your fall foliage. I used to see a lot of it in Michigan and Wisconsin, but in Texas it's hard to come by. (See a map for locations if necessary.)Here, fall and winter are green, summer is brow or green depending on rainfall.