Saturday, November 05, 2005

Waiting and Hoping

I spent all evening watching the door
Always waiting, hoping for more
Than just a promise of your company
But once again you let me down
Once again it slipped your memory

I’m not sure how more I can take
So many words you say so fake
You raise my hopes and keep me expecting
The happiness that may arise
From our overdue adjoining

When will you realise how good we’ll be
When we’re together, why can’t you see?
This one union of two lonely hearts
Could be the most amazing thing
Never again to be apart

But as it was you didn’t arrive
Are you too scared to take that dive
Into something new and unmapped
You don’t have to worry I’ll be right there
Alongside you to help you adapt

It’s just as strange and new to me
Just do one thing and promise me
I’ll never have to watch that door
And sit here surrounded, alone
Waiting and hoping for that little bit more


purple_kangaroo said...

You captured very well the feeling of being stood up. I hope the person had a good excuse, or that you'll find a friend who will value and respect you more.

Rach said...

Thank you very much. he didn't have a good excuse as it was, but at least he did apolgise to me. I've never posted my poems here before, and i was a bit wary about doing it, but i think i might put a few more up in time. thank you again!