Friday, August 21, 2009

Whatever Happened To Chivalry

So, I was on the tube this morning on my way into work, and this girl got on at the same time as me. She was walking with a crutch and a bit of a limp. By this time of the morning there are no seats left on the train, but there were about 6 guys sitting down, and 1 lady. Of all these people I would have expected any one of the men to offer up his seat, but no - it was the only lady. I was shocked! I'm a real stickler for a bit of chivalry in men, I mean - how hard is it to open a door, or just stand back and wait? I'm all for equal opportunities and what not, but a little tiny bit of common decency never went amiss. What is the world coming to?


StillReading said...

Pfft - men are terrible!

Smithee said...

Sad to say, it happens all the time on this side of the pond, too. Even in the South, where men are supposed to be the epitome of genteel behavior. So much for gentlemen.

Good to see you writing again, and glad to hear things are going well for you. Thanks for stopping by my site. It's hard to keep it going when school is back in session and time is at a premium. But if you're going to be nice enough to catch up with me, then the least I can do is post something once in a while. Here's hoping I have something to say soon. :)

Take care, and keep writing.