Monday, September 26, 2005

The Journey has ended

Well, finally, it's over. After about14 monthss, Roland and his Ka-Tet have reached the end of their journey. And as I predicted, I miss them already. Sitting here at work all I can think about once more is the seeming endless toil they (and I) had to go through to reach the end. All seven books had me captured by the end of the first paragraph, if not even the first sentence. I won't go into much, as I seem to have done that quite a lot recently, but I just wanted to urge you one more time to go out and read The Dark Tower series if you have not already. They are quite easy to read, even though the last few are just HUGE and would work better as doorstops than books, (not the best thing to read in bed, for fear of knocking myself out if I drop it!), and full of excitement. I have to say they do go a little strange here and there, with a typical Steven King twist every now and then. There is one part where the characters actually meet Steven King, and talk about him writing the story, that totally spun me out, and I kept having to tell myself that it was all fiction, and not real. But a part of me wanted to think that maybe that had happened...Roland had met Steven King and told him that he must go on writing. It grounded the fiction a little, and made it almost real.

Basically, as you can probably tell, I just loved the whole thing, and one day, I'll get around to buying the whole series, and re-reading them, because as readers will know, "Ka is a circle" and keeps rotating until the end of time.

Now I guess I have to start on that great pile of books I have by my bed...


Batonga said...

What is in your current pile of books?

Smithee said...

I'd like to know the answer to that, too. You've inspired me to start the Dark Tower series. I wasn't sure it was something I wanted to invest the time in (especially since I have none to spare right now), but since you feel that strongly about it, I've got to at least check it out. In the meantime, what else do you recommend?