Monday, July 04, 2005

A Plea for Help!!!!

I don't know if any of you are familiar with a TV show called Ed, but it is one of the best things on TV!!!! Well it used to be, I'm not sure that its on any more. But this post is a plea for all people who had even a vague interest in the show, and even those who didn't to please follow this link and put your e - mail address into the box. By doing this you will be requesting to be informed when a DVD will be available, but more than that, you are demanding a DVD be made! The show apparently does want to produce a DVD box set, because they would have to pay out too much in music rights. Now, if enough people sign this to show their interest in the show, therefore making it worth their while to produce the DVD, we may be able to sit with Ed on our TV's worldwide! Please please please please sign this!!! For me if not for yourselves!!
thank you guys!
Happy 4th July to you all!

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Ron said...

Rach -- I like your blog! I found you through your comment on Mr. Cohen's blog...this is another place to vote for Ed:

overall, the coolest place to look for TV shows.