Thursday, May 12, 2005

Writing vs Blogging...

I've just been reading Jeckles Geek Blog, which has become one of my favourite places to visit recently, and he has a post up about the best kind of writing. I totally agree with everything he writes. The best posts are those that just come to you as you're writing them. Don't get me wrong, the posts that are thought out and scrutinized can also be very good, but I think it can get to a stage where they no longer come from the heart, but from the head instead. I much prefer to read and write stuff that comes from the heart.
However, I do know how it feels to have something in your head that you are desperate to tell people, and try to get the words out so that they sound just right. It's very difficult, so your brain starts to take over, and then things become over analysed, and you ask yourself, "does that sarcastic?" or "does does that sound really mean?", because to you, it's ok, you can hear the intonation in your phrases, but when other people are reading them...They're just words on a page. Things can become misinterpreted very easily which then causes problems. But I guess the same can be said of any form of writing really.
Jeckles also points out that he is not a writer, but a blogger. I feel the same way...I do not consider myself a writer, but more of a journal-keeper on-line! I don't consider myself (at this stage) good enough to be a writer. I'm hoping that will come with time, and practice. In the mean time I intend to keep reading the amazing blogs that I read regularly, and Lorianne, you'll be please to know, I took your advice, and I'm now writing at least something every day in a journal at home. Even when I come back slightly worse for ware from the pub...I'll put a little snippet in there! Thanks for the advice!


Shishir said...


This is a good post. I have recently started blogging on the Blogger and am looking forward to tips and learning.


Brian said...

I totally agree with your post on writing from the heart instead of your head. I subscribe that that policy. When I sit down to blog, I never know what I am going to talk about. I just let it go when I start to type. Sometimes, I am shocked at what I wrote...surprised that those emotions were there. I try to write about what I am feeling at that particular minute that I sit down to type. I don't just is the best way that I feel people can truly see what I am like as a person.

Thanks for your post on my blog. I totally agree with you. Dreams and imagination are everything.



Lorianne said...

I'm thrilled to hear you're writing *something* every day in your maybe we can keep one another going! :-)

jcklsgk said...

Holy Cow! You are wrting about me! I am truly touched. It is very satisifying to know that something I've written, has given you something to stew on and inpsired your own thoughts on the matter. I don't think I could ask for anything more.