Monday, May 23, 2005

Time for recovery

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting for a while, I've been off sick with the Mumps! I didn't think I'd get them, as I had been vaccinated against it, but hey, who can tell what life's gonna throw at you!

Whilst I was off though, I kept a journal of all sorts of things I wanted to talk about here when I got back. Now, in typical Rachel Style, I've left the book at home, so I've forgotten most of what I wanted to write about! There are few bits and pieces that I remember though!

The weekend before last was probably one of the most stressful weekends I've had in a very long time! I didn't realise quite how much work was involved in moving house. Finally, we have moved out of our cold, dark unfriendly house, and into a much bigger, warmer, lighter one. Our friend Kim has joined us, and its just wonderful! The new place is just down the road from some parks, which are great for shooting some hoops, or playing Frisbee, or just hanging out with a picnic. The roads are much wider, which means that there is so much more light. This gives the whole area a much nicer vibe that we're all picking up on. All three of us just seem to be in a much lighter mood, that I'm hoping will continue for the summer.

I think because the move was so stressful, we all appreciate the new house so much more. We had 8 car loads and a van full of stuff altogether! There were just boxes and boxes of kitchen supplies, photos, paintings, old clothes, new clothes, lamps, bathroom stuff everywhere! I just wanted it done so that I could go to bed and start my recovery! We have some wonderful friends however, who were more than helpful, they were just amazing! They did as much as they could so that I could do as little as I could! They drove to and from the new house many times, and ensured that everything that could be done was done. Then another friend came round a little later with a picnic for us, because all of our food was still packed up, or in the trash! We were expecting a few sandwiches and maybe some crisps, but she turned up with a feast fit for kings, (or queens in our case!). There were 4 different types of sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, little handmade jam sandwich hearts, a myriad different crisps....And then some cakes and sweets for after! It was just what we needed after a hard day's moving. Friends are one of the most important things in life, and I appreciate mine more than words can express.

It was very strange spending the final night in our old house. Everything was packed away, apart from the few essentials that were needed for the next morning. The wardrobes were empty, the cupboards bare, the shelves were stark against the plain walls, stripped of all the posters and pictures. Our voices echoed around the rooms, and we were surrounded by that silence that only exists in empty buildings. When the morning sun rose, and woke us from our broken sleep, we were all too happy to vacate the unreceptive shell that had been our home for 6 months. When all was unpack in the new house however, we had the opposite emotions. When the sun set that night, the wardrobes were packed, the walls were covered in the faces of old and new friends, and the rooms were full of the noise of happy voices chatting away. The change was wonderful, and for the past week that we have been in our new house, things have just got better and better...Long may it continue!

Hope you're all well, and having fun!


Smithee said...

So sorry to hear you had the mumps! Hope you're all better now, though. And isn't it nice being in a home that makes you feel good? It's strange how buildings can have that effect on us. I absolutely hated the last house we lived in and was so excited to move into this one. Four years later we still love the house, but can't stand some of our neighbors! :)

Rach said...

yep yep! being in a nice house does make all the difference, i think it might have been one of the reasons i recovered so quickly. my surroundings are so important to me, (not necessarily material possessions just my surroundings) and the people i'm with. I hope you enjoy many more years of your house!

Lorianne said...

MUMPS!?! yikes!