Saturday, March 19, 2005


My housemate and I have decided that we should become more cultured, so we made a pact that we would save up what little money we have, and go to at least One live music gig a month. My housemate is a singer/songwriter and so is educating me in many forms of music. As we were reading our local newspaper, we came across an article about a guy named Kelly Joe Phelps playing at a venue near us that night, so we thought we'd go along just to see if they had any tickets left. Man, was that a great spontaneous desicion! The support act was another unknown (to us) called Paul Curreri, who was just amazing. I defy anyone not to tap their feet and drum on the table while listening to him. It was so upbeat, and some songs were just so amusing! You could feel the atmosphere in the room as everyone was becoming enveloped in the accoustic sound that was Paul Carreri. We enjoyed his set so much that we even spent the last of our money on buying his CD!

As for Kelly, well...he wasn't bad, in fact he was very good, but his music was very much more chilled out, and as I looked around room at the audience, there were a numerous amount of people trying very very hard to keep their eyes open! (Me included, I'd like to add!) Bear in mind that this was a Thursday night at about 9.00pm, and most of the people there would have come straight from work, as we had, and so when sitting in a small, dark, fairly warm room totally involved in relaxing, sweeping chords and words, staying awake was definately a mission! But it was still very enjoyable, and if nothing else it spurred us on to our culture quest.

For those interested, here is a link to the Paul Curreri Website. I advise you to go and check it's wicked good!!! go check it out!

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