Thursday, February 10, 2011

As it always seems to be...

Well, as always, it's been forever since I last wrote anything.  Now, once again, I am unemployed...therefore I have the time to write!  I have spent the last few months doing exactly what I wanted to do!  I was working on the next series of The Apprentice over here in the UK.  Granted I was mainly a runner, and then on studio days, I was the Assistant Floor Manager, but it was a production job, and looking back on it now, through those wonderful rose tinted glasses, I enjoyed every minute of it!  Oh, there were those moment where we all just wanted to curl up and cry, what with the 4.30am start times and 3.00am finish times, and the moody, self-important directors, and the 'think they're amazing', dare I say it, "talent"!!!  Those who demanded Soup for every meal, no matter where you were, or those who for the past 6 years have demanded Kit Kats, only to reveal that, actually, they hate Kit Kats...But on the whole it was an absolute blast.  I can't reveal a whole lot about it yet, as it's all very confidential.  As soon as it goes on air, I may come back and tell you all about the stresses and fun times we had.

After that, I was working on a studio based show for Channel 4, called Four Rooms (at least, I think it will go out as that?!) It was a sort of a cross between The Antiques Roadshow, Dragon's Den and Deal or No Deal.  I was the Floor Manager for this one, which meant that I was basically the Director's voice on the studio floor.  I had to do a lot of shouting, which I've never really had to do before, but it was so much fun!  I had to call for silence on the floor, and make sure that the contributors were in the right place at the right time, and that everyone knew what they were doing.  It has sort of made me rethink what it is that I want to do.  I now know that I definitely want to go down the studio based route, as supposed to the more office based roles.  However, this is proving difficult, as Floor Manager jobs are quite hard to come by!  I just keep sending my CV out to as many production companies as I can find, in the hope that something will come up!  In the mean time, I'm also applying for restaurant and bar jobs, which I know I don't really want, but let's face's money right!?

So, as I'm sure I've said a thousand times, now that I have the time, I may write a few more posts about my mini London adventures!

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