Thursday, December 01, 2005

In No Particular Order

Favourite Smells
1. Cut grass
2. Fresh coffee
3. Baked bread
4. Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne for Men
5. Christmas – Cinnamon/Orange/Spice

Favourite Sounds
1. The snow crunching underfoot
2. A Child’s laughter
3. The song Mississippi by Train
4. The waves crashing on a beach
5. A cat’s purr

Favourite Tastes
1. Chocolate!
2. Red Wine
3. A Good Curry
4. Orange Juice
5. A good fresh cup of coffee

Favourite Sights
1. Home
2. The Coronado Bay Bridge
3. The quilt my Mom made me
4. The stars on a clear night
5. My friends and family

Favourite things to feel/touch
1. My silk/satin blanket
2. Anything soft and furry
3. Someone else’s hand in mine
4. Soft sand running through my fingers
5. The mud between my toes!


Big Sis said...

I like your lists. Here are my top answers although it was hard to only have one.

Favourite smell - Our garage in California (Bounce dryer sheets in a warm room)

Favourite Sound - 'The Carol of the Bells' playing at christmas time

Favourite Taste - It has to be chocolate (although my Mum's fish pie comes a close second)

Favourite Sight - A beautiful dawn

Favourite Touch - A really soft teddy bear

Rach said...

i remember our garage! it did smell home! aahh, those were the days!

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Happy New Year, Rach!

Batonga said...

Well its new years... get to writing, oh and happy new years